Angellis Taliuu is a constantly evolving artist.

Musician, poet and experimentalist from Melbourne, Angellis Taliuu keeps himself occupied. From creation to current he has been experimenting with sounds, genres all that goes with it.

Beginning in 2005, his first production “Digitized” was a Lo-Fi swarm of unfounded and flailing angst of youth, gaining brief success on the now defunct and Since then, his music has gone from style to style before coming to the conclusion that his style can only be summarised as noise/ambient/other. “When it comes to it, music is meant to be an expression of self. I make an awful lot of noise and sometimes that noise is a lot of awful.”

In a day where music is a marketing tool void of honest passion and subject to formulaic folly, Angellis makes most of his works free to the public to enjoy without the expectation of reimbursement. “I have always felt that I wanted my music to be in the free domain, so that everybody can access it. Whether or not they like it, is up to them.”