Angellis Taliuu is a constantly evolving artist.

The musician, poet and experimentalist from Melbourne, keeps himself occupied by building sonic landscapes, contributing to film and community theatre… and the odd Christmas album.

Beginning in 2005, his first production “Digitized” was a Lo-Fi swarm of unfounded and flailing angst of youth, gaining brief success on the now defunct and What started out as a venture into sonic exploration has moved from Lo-Fi outsider electronic/industrial into a world of ‘noise/ambient/other’. With solo releases and compilation work through the Network of Individualized Sonic Extremism,  Angellis has delved deeper into the sonic abyss then ever intended and has no plans to ever return.

“When it comes to it, music is meant to be an expression of self. It can come in many forms, be it emotional release through ambient soundscapes and noise or more traditional songs. For me, its getting lost in an emotion and building something that not only speaks it, but relives it.”

In a day where music is treated as a marketing tool void of passion and subject to formulaic folly, Angellis comes to the table in a bare honestly, flaws on the table.

“I have always felt that I wanted my music to be its own entity. Its not perfect, its not refined. Its me and free to anyone that wants to listen. Whether or not they like it, is up to them.”