Wash It All Away I: Sconcio Video Clip

I have just finished the video clip for The Exposition of “Wash It All Away: A Sonata of Solace”
I hope the video reflects the piece the way that I see and feel it. I guess it is just up to you to decide. Just over a week until the release of this new collection of noise music.

You can view it on the by clicking here.

To those who watch and listen, thankyou.

Wash It All Away – Soon!

The release has now been mastered and is about ready to go. The only thing I think about is if there needs to be a physical release. I have ideas, but whether or not it is suited to the project. The more I work on and think about this project, the more I see I can do with it and the more I want it to be. “Wash It All Away” is the most personal and honest music I have made to date. It portrays in raw emotion and swells of sound that when I listen to it, it brings me back to when I composed it. I hear the evolution from structured song to the controlled chaos. I hear the sadness and the hopefulness.

To anyone that listens to it, thank you.

New sounds!

Okay so here is the latest update from Angellis Taliuu HQ.

1. We are now calling it an HQ.
2. We are now a ‘we’.
3. A piece I have written is being played at the Federation Bells in Melbourne title “A Matter of Energy, A Question of Fuel”. You can check when it is being played Here
4. After a night of thought and scotch, my mind was restless. I used that to create an ambient soundscape called Wash It All Away
5. Easy Does It is sitting there. Not doing much of anything.
6. So are a lot of other pieces.
7. That is all for now.

Easy Does It!

And that is the name of my new EP to be released in late October! I actually mean released! Artwork has been finalized and just completing the finishing  touches on the 3 songs of the EP before unleashing it to the public for free.

The hand we’re dealt Pt 2… It’ll come soon enough…

Silent. Aren’t I always?

An update on the Extended Play:

The trilogy is still in production! All three parts are partially completed, which is exciting! Also, “The Hand We’re Dealt: Part 2” is well on its way to completion. Estimated time of completion would be about June this year and on select Melbourne shelves late June/early July.

So that’s my update. Straight and to the point!

Getting set…

During the month of February, recording sessions for “To The Air, A Breeze” are about to begin at the newly constructed ‘Great Southern Studios’ (not the miami one, the Mornington Peninsula one.) 3 songs, possibly a fourth. It all depends on timing!


My fingers do write,
scrape across the stage.
Make haste, Transporters,
from the tongue to the page.
All parts of the body,
work in cryptic words.
They say to each other:
“We’re about to give birth.”