Christmas Happened Again…

It did. As it does every year. I of course, happen at Christmas. Like so: Compilation of Christmas Themed Extreme, Microsonic Explosions, Shared to the Unknowing Public that May or May Not Find It. by Angellis Taliuu

New Material

As always, I am working on new material and new ideas. “PASSAGES FROM A DIGITAL CODEX” is now available via BANDCAMP You can read a review of it HERE Also, near completion is a two track EP. This will be…

Without Chemicals, He Speaks

Had the good fortune to take part in this 3-way split album as a tribute to Twin Peaks. Enjoy! Without Chemicals, He Speaks – A Tribute To Twin Peaks by Angellis Taliuu

Collected Aural Detriments Vol 7

Recently, I created a soundscape for “Collected Aural Detriments Vol 7” called ‘Meditation and Misanthropy’. Collected Aural Detriments Vol 7 is now available HERE

Refreshed and Distorted

I have once again been back into the creative cave. I feel that noise music is definitely where my creativity can breed best. Electro/dance/rock/metal is all song oriented music, but ambient… well that is pure emotion. Much like a poem…

The Overflowing Creative Process

So wash it all away has been out for a while now. Thank you to the people that bought a copy. I don’t expect to sell many or really any, but that is not really the point, is it? Sound…

Wash It All Away I: Sconcio Video Clip

I have just finished the video clip for The Exposition of “Wash It All Away: A Sonata of Solace” I hope the video reflects the piece the way that I see and feel it. I guess it is just up…

Wash It All Away – Soon!

The release has now been mastered and is about ready to go. The only thing I think about is if there needs to be a physical release. I have ideas, but whether or not it is suited to the project….

New sounds!

Okay so here is the latest update from Angellis Taliuu HQ. 1. We are now calling it an HQ. 2. We are now a ‘we’. 3. A piece I have written is being played at the Federation Bells in Melbourne…


Ok so in my last post I promised ‘Easy Does It’. It’s not ready, but this is: Happy Christmas to all!