The Waters

Ignored most days, the hunger grows.

It makes itself heard.

The need to create, it overwhelms.

The waters are disturbed.

Sometimes I can be Pretentious…

Every person is an artwork.
Sometimes traditional.
Sometimes abstract.

Vertical and lateral thoughts.
Gossiping to Nancy in accounts.
Performance art.

Janitorial works.
Barista pours.

Up for interpretation.
I define people as the canvas.
Interactions the medium.

My eyes, my ears.
My senses.
My world, my art.

Christmas Happened Again…

It did. As it does every year.

I of course, happen at Christmas.

Like so:

New Material

As always, I am working on new material and new ideas.


You can read a review of it HERE

Also, near completion is a two track EP.

This will be available on limited vinyl release as well as digital.

Without Chemicals, He Speaks

Had the good fortune to take part in this 3-way split album as a tribute to Twin Peaks.


Refreshed and Distorted

I have once again been back into the creative cave.
I feel that noise music is definitely where my creativity can breed best. Electro/dance/rock/metal is all song oriented music, but ambient… well that is pure emotion.
Much like a poem you can abide by stringent laws and boundaries or you can free verse.
I have started a new album (before finishing the wash it all away videos) with a title yet to be decided.

It is the story of man, working his way into the grave. A slave. Defeated by society.

In contrast, I am trying to come up with ambient noise that is inherently serene and positive. The theme is “Ignorance”.

Of the two, “Ignorance” will be the first finished by the end of the year.

Oh and I traveled around Europe. I have samples.

The Overflowing Creative Process

So wash it all away has been out for a while now.
Thank you to the people that bought a copy. I don’t expect to sell many or really any, but that is not really the point, is it?
Sound is there to be experienced, enjoyed and reacted to.
At the moment,  I am working on the videos for part 2 and 3. Once complete, I’ll have a screening… or something like that.